@ardinger Thoughts on Innovation & Startups. Founder @EconicCo, @theiopodcast, & @NMotionStartup


Thoughts on Innovation & Startups. Founder @EconicCo, @theiopodcast, & @NMotionStartup

Brian Ardinger

Brian Ardinger is the co-founder of Econic, a company that help forward-thinking enterprises innovate faster and more effectively by providing training and consulting services that tap into emerging startup opportunities.

He is the former managing director of NMotion, a seed-stage startup accelerator and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at NUtech Ventures, the technology transfer arm of the University of Nebraska. Brian is co-founder of the podcast Inside Outside, mentor in Pipeline Entrepreneurs and a member of the Startup Champions Network and Global Accelerator Network

Before his work in the startup community, Brian was Chief Marketing Officer at Nanonation working with clients including Pepsi, Target, Nike, Harley-Davidson, Royal Caribbean. 

Brian built out the consulting arm in Asia for Gartner and worked with technology giants including Microsoft, IBM, and HP. He also led the creation of Asia’s first dedicated customer experience lab as head of research at Ion Global, a Hong Kong headquartered technology firm.

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