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The team at InsideOutside.io wants to welcome you to The IO Summit - 2019!

If you’re looking for new skills, new tools, new talent, and new opportunities, The IO Summit will give you the new insights, new network, and new mindset to impact your organization. The IO Summit will offer 2+ days of hands-on experiences to help you learn fast and grow faster. Join us and explore...

  • How can you thrive in an environment where the average tenure of a S&P 500 company has shrunk from 33 years in 1965 to a projected 14 years by 2025?

  • How do you identify and capitalize on the technologies & trends that are redefining markets?

  • How can you turn today's disruption into an advantage?

  • How can you efficiently gain knowledge & context about today’s business landscape?

  • How can teams accelerate innovation with new tools, techniques and talent?

Companies in every industry are looking to innovate faster and more effectively - inside and outside the organization. The Summit is a way to speed up these collisions and connections.

For Startups

The IO Summit puts a spotlight on early-stage, high-growth startups and connects them to world-class investors, enterprises, mentors, and peers.

We are looking to select 50 Startups to be part of showcase this year. Startups selected to the Showcase will receive a FREE VIP ticket, exhibit space, Innovator Matching service, and an opportunity to apply to LaunchLNK’s $25k Grant Program.


At the center of the Summit is the Startup Showcase. The IO Summit will choose up to 50 startups from various industries (FinTech, InsuranceTech, MarketingTech, HRtech, SaaS, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and others) to apply to attend and showcase.

Startups chosen for the floor will have an opportunity to better engage corporate customers and partners, show off new technologies and meet and mix with fellow startup teams.

A rolling application process is being used, so we encourage teams to apply early.

Please click the link below to apply to the showcase:


In addition to the Showcase, startups attending have access to two days of keynote sessions to learn directly from other startup and corporate leaders. From moderated Table Talk sessions with peers to curated Matchmaking sessions with corporates and investors, startups will have access to unmatched opportunities. Don't miss out:

  • Find your next customer, pilot partner, or investor

  • Connect with leading industry mentors and experts

  • Learn from tactical training led by fellow founders and industry experts

  • Get introductions to corporate innovators and investors through targeted matchmaking and “speed-dating” sessions

  • Showcase your products/services to gain brand and market exposure

  • Compete for investment & LNK Launch Grant opportunities

Part of a startup, but don’t want to showcase? No problem. Grab a ticket to access all of the keynotes, sessions, networking, parties or just to walk the showcase floor.

Bonus: Come for the Summit and stay for Startup Week Lincoln!

For Business Leaders & Enterprise Teams

Business leaders and corporate teams won't want to miss the opportunity to learn the latest tools and techniques for accelerating innovation. 

Talk to industry experts and other innovative companies to better understand the latest trends and the methods for injecting innovation into larger organizations. Give your teams the necessary training to move faster and act bolder. Walk the Startup Showcase area to meet the teams building the latest technologies and services. Meet and engage directly with fellow movers, shakers, makers, and creators to learn first-hand what it's like to think, move and act at the speed of innovation.

  • Collaborate with other industries and corporate innovators

  • Find targeted technologies for your business strategy

  • Learn the latest tools for innovation & business model disruption

  • Accelerate speed to market, revenue streams, and investment opportunities

  • Gain efficient exposure to disruptive startups

  • Position your company as an industry leader for talent and growth

Bonus: Come for the Summit and stay for Startup Week Lincoln!

For Individuals / Investors / and community Innovators

Attend to learn, engage, and connect with other innovators, investors and community innovators. Grab a ticket for access to all of the sessions (including keynotes, the Startup Showcase, and the Opening Night party and Innovators & Instigators Mixer). 

Learn about innovation trends, Lean Startup, and other innovation methodologies. Sessions will cover business model disruption, partnering with startups, fundraising, and more. 

Why Lincoln? An Unexpected Place for Innovation

Lincoln - The Place to Be

Lincoln - The Place to Be

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