@PaulJarrett Midwest Startup Entrepreneur & Subscription Box Wizard


Midwest Startup Entrepreneur & Subscription Box Wizard

Paul Jarrett

Paul Jarrett is a subscription box wizard and Midwest entrepreneur. Paul launched million dollar brands like Neebo and executed campaigns for Lowe’s and Nike before joining Complete Nutrition in 2010, one of the fastest growing startups in the country. In 2012, Paul and his co-founder Stephanie Jarrett launched Bulu Box.

The Bulu Box team has delivered over 8 million healthy discoveries to customers across the US. Paul continues to be a pioneer in the subscription box industry, with Bulu Box recently launching turnkey subscription box solutions for clients that include Fortune 500 companies.

Paul Jarrett is a co-host on the first 40 episodes of the Inside/Outside Podcast. Listen to him at http://insideoutside.io